For at start there will be two galleries, Colours and Patterns and The Seventies.

In Colours and Patterns it is the intention to grow a number of albums featuring, as the name says, colours and patterns – preferably both in the same picture.

In The Seventies, monochrome photographs taken in, as the name says, the 70’s will be featured. For historic reasons, the majority of pictures will origin in the Danish island Zealand, and I suspect that the the emphasis will be on Copenhagen and its suburbs. Some photographs from Greenland may show up too – when scanned.

Places is the most recent initiative and hopefully it will grow and cover a broad collection of the most interesting places in the World – and the most boring.

Please enjoy


As this project will last for the next 30 years, and the domain name eventually may change to A90, we should also remember to visit Flickr, the Instagram, and the LFI Gallery.